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Nancy Vermeulen

Space Ambassador, Private astronaut trainer, Visionairy Thinker

Nancy was admitted to the astronaut selections of the European Space Agency (ESA).

As a commander, she led a Mars simulation in the Utah desert in 2010.

She founded the first non-governmental academy for private space travellers.

She is now a popular international speaker.

Nancy applies her extensive knowledge about aerospace to life here on Earth. What are the learnings  from space we can apply to our profession? 

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Sander van Kleef

Master of ceremonies


Sander van Kleef is Business Unit Manager at Ordina Data Driven.  He is a true data enthusiast and enjoys working with his team to give customers an edge with smart data innovations. He thrives on the combination of technology and teamwork and has a strong focus on realizing business value.


Besides working with data and fun colleagues, Sander likes to sport. Mainly running, nowadays also a lot of Padel and a little bit of mountain biking and swimming.

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Emiel van Bockel

Director Data Driven

Emiel van Bockel is Director Data Driven at Ordina. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of data, he is a strong thought leader and successful data practitioner.  He studied Information Engineering and received his master in management and IT. He was one of the early adopters of datawarehouse concepts in the early nineties, and continued to work in the world of data ever since. He acts as ambassador for the data profession by giving presentations, writing columns and is regularly invited for guest lectures at universities like the London Business School and the Jheronimus academy of Data Science.

Kimberly Hermans

Data Science Manager


Kimberly Hermans is a data scientist and practice manager at Ordina. As a studious business engineer she joined the consultancy company in the 'business intelligence and analytics' unit. In her role she is responsible for strategy, finance, delivery and people management.


Next to her managerial role, Kimberly has a passion for data science and supervises several projects. She likes to talk about what we are achieving with these projects in order to enthuse others as well.

Guus Klaas

Spatial Architect

Guus Klaas is a GIS (geographic information system) Professional with a broad technical background. He has a great passion for the energy transition. A Giga-geek and able to learn quickly and communicate a technological vision.


Although also cartographically inclined, he is mainly good at (micro)-service architecture. For example esri Web-GIS, development around IoT, service orchestration, big data and cloud. Guus is certified in system design.


He is technical enough to go deep into technology, but also able to present this to an audience.

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Mustafa Akpolat

Strategic Data Consultant - Digital Twin

Mustafa Akpolat is a strategic data consultant at Ordina Data Driven. He is a creative bridge builder in the world of smart cities where he directs organizations, the city in the 'digital jungle' in jointly finding and realizing promising innovations to then deploy them to solve urban and social issues.


His vision, which he propagates and realizes after coming into contact with Smart cities is:

To create and make available meaningful information about and for the city and to maximize its use in:

- solving social and urban challenges

- Improving the quality of life

- sustainably increasing the attractiveness of the city




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